Icon Virtual Earth Tracking System
Integrated Virtual Earth location lookup and display into a desktop database application (not fully shown here for proprietary reasons). General Product Tracking, Parcel Tracking, Shipment Tracking, etc. can utilized this type of custom application.
Product Tracking Screens
Product Tracking Screen
Whenever a product goes through a new location, it is entered into the list of locations and given a sequence number. The "Show Tracking" pans through the travels of the product in the order that it has travelled.
A given product may go through a Manufacturing Location...
Distribution Location
a Distribution Location...
Retail Outlet or Central Storage
a Retail Outlet or Central Storage, etc.
Locations Screen
Locations Entry Screen
Locations Entry Screen provides a "Find Locations" button to locate the Latitude and Longitude for the location City and Country you've entered. This is saved with the records for use in Product Tracking.
Location Types Screen
Location Types Screen
Each Location has a Location Type. Which associates a map "Push Pin" image and a description. The Push Pin image is placed on the map at the locations seleced as well as in the pop-up description box that appears when you hover over the location on the map.