Data Grabber

Generic Data Gathering Device


This device can be used for data gathering in so many application because of it's flexability, it is hard to describe what this unit is since it can be so many things. Some examples include:

Generic here means generic to your specification. Since we designed and now build these units - we specify the program and how the unit operates. Whatever input prompts and input data types (alpha, numeric, mixed, mag stripe or bar code) you need will be programmed into these units for you. Currently supported are up to 4 different input fields of any data type specified above. You also specify the input prompts for each input field (remembering the display is only 16 characters by 2 lines.)

The custom programming service using the above data types and up to 4 input fields is provided for free on orders of 100 units or more. But not to put a limit on your imagination! You can specify any other data type particular to you operations. We can quote on the programming and I expect you will find the pricing very reasonable.

Also provided for free on orders of 100 units or more is a DOS based Upload/Download program specifically designed and written for use with the DataGrabber! Again - since we have written this application here - we can quote on customization for any of your needs.