Personnel Locator

Before you get worried about "Big Brother", consider that there are many applications where the location of key personnel is an asset as much as it is a necessity! Medical and Security as a couple of examples. This Software System utilizes Radio Frequency hardware from RF IDeas Inc. ( which comprises credit card sized "Badges" each which regularly transmit a unique "BadgeID". Coupled with RF Receivers placed around the premise, which receive the BadgeID transmissions and relay them back to a computer via RS232 communications. Placing the Receivers at approximately 20 meter or 50 foot radii give good premise coverage.
Main Screen

Locating personnel is as simple as selecting their name from a pull-down list. You can also view all personnel in a given location.

Options Screen

Options to select the directory for the database storage and to enable or disable History Tracking.

History Screen

BadgeID activity can be logged to a History Tracking Log, for times when a premise is unattended and BadgeID activity needs to be looked at later.

Personnel Entry Screen

Each BadgeID is associated with an individual. Active monitoring can be disabled on a BadgeID by BadgeID basis. Also an individual's History Tracking can be enabled or disabled.

Location Entry Screen

Each RF Receiver is associated with a Location Name (and a communication port on the computer which received the BadgeID data from it). Attenuation of the receiver can also be controlled.

Query Screen

If your staff are familiar with MS Access, they can write their own custom Queries and access them from this program.