Trade Directory

This is an application to maintain Trade Directories for publishing. This is set up in such a way that Companies are entered into the database once, if they are both a Manufacturer and a Distributor, they are marked as such and will show up in both listings. Particularly Manufacturers; will normally have many Brands, Distributors, Warehouses and Agents. All Companies will normally have Products and Personnel. Products are maintained as relating to a Category and a Company's Products can be easily listed by Category.
Main Screen

Add, Find, Update or Delete Companies. Maintain Distributor, Warehouse, Agent, Product, Brand and Personnel relationships for Companies.

Products By Category Screen

Maintain the Master Products List, organized by Categories.

Company Products

Maintain the Products of a given Company.

Company Brands

Maintain the Brand Names owned by a given Company.

Company Distributors

Maintain the Distributors for a given Company.

Company Warehouses

Maintain the Warehouses for a given Company.

Company Agents

Maintain the Agents for a given Company.

Company Personnel

Maintain the personnel for a given Company.

Output Screen

Lists can be output in a variety of configurations.

Output Lists are formatted for publishing. However, these format are usually quite customized for each publication. The general design has been to output the lists in a popular Word Processing format and allow the publisher to complete the formatting particular to their publication.



This is an application to keep track of magazine Subscribers. It has functionality to make it easy to maintain the subscriber list as well as making it easy to either print the mailing labels directly from the program or export them to standard formats for Direct Mail mailing houses.
Main Subscriber Screen

Add, Find, Update or Delete Subscribers. Lookup provided on a number of fields for easy maintenance of returned copies.

Query Screen

Generation of Mailing List contents are kept very flexible by the detailed Selection Criteria. Compliance to particular Mailing House sort orders is kept flexible by the detailed Sort Order section.

Output Screen

Lists can be output to a Report for Subscriber Directory generation, or to Labels for Mailings. Output format can be to the Screen, Printer, File or Email.