TVR Products

TV Remote Dimmer Switches.
(The first wave TVR Receiver Product Line)

Control your lights with whatever TV remote you now use to control your TV.

         Works right out of the package, no programming necessary to start controlling your lights with your existing TV Remote!

         Can be easily programmed to operate together with multiple units as an addressable Home Automation System.

         Can be easily programmed for advanced power saving, appliance life extending and delay timer features.

The first wave of products, utilizing TVR's "Universal IR Receiver Technology", target the first thing you want to control when it comes to Home Automation. Your lights!

Millions of Dimmer Switches are bought and installed in homes each year, all over the world. It has become as common a home improvement item as the front door bell! Almost every household uses them and now TVR makes available an advanced Home Automation component which installs the same simple way as most any Dimmer Switch that you buy at the local Hardware Store.

What sets TVR products apart from other Home Automation Systems? Each TVR Product can operate as a stand alone TV Remote Dimmer Switch. No extra control boxes, remote control devices, PC interface cards or complicated wiring are necessary to implement this advanced, yet simple to use, Home Automation System. Buy your first one, see how easy it is to install and use, soon enough you'll want to outfit your whole house with them.




Wall Dimmer Receiver - TV Remote Dimmer Switch

The Wall Dimmer allows you to use your TV Remote to control your ceiling light which is connected to a wall switch or to control a lamp plugged into an outlet which is connected to a wall switch. Standard Wall Dimmer dimensions provide easy replacement of your wall switches. The front plate is also a push button for manual On/Off/Dimming control as a touch dimmer.

Table Top Receiver - TV Remote Dimmer Switch

The Table Top allows you to use your TV Remote for controlling your Lamps, etc. which plug directly into un-switched outlets. Just plug your TVR Table Top Dimmer Switch into your outlet, then plug your lamp into your Table Top Dimmer Switch. A push button on the top is provided for manual On/Off/Dimming control as a touch dimmer.

Socket Receiver - TV Remote Dimmer Switch

The Socket Receiver is ideal for use in the light bulb socket of your existing lamps, which you wish to convert to TV Remote control. Just remove the bulb, screw in the TVR Socket Receiver into the fixture, then screw in your bulb into the Socket Receiver. A receiver module with a clip is provided for receiving IR signals from your TV Remote; clip it a safe distance away from the light bulb and point it in the direction from which you expect to use it. A small push button on the receiver module is provided for manual On/Off/Dimming control as a touch dimmer.

Outlet Receiver - TV Remote Dimmer Switch

The Outlet Receiver is for use with your Lamps, etc. which plug directly into un-switched outlets. Just plug your TVR Outlet Receiver into your outlet, then plug your lamp into your Outlet Receiver. This is best for applications where the outlet is mounted high on a wall, in line of sight of the user. A push button on the front is provided for manual On/Off/Dimming control as a touch dimmer.


This product line has been designed to cover all the common applications for lighting in the home and commercial environments. We have done our best to make them easy to install and easy to use.



Features of the first wave TVR Product Line

Our first wave of products are mainly targeted for Home and Commercial Lighting Control. All four of the products in this product line have ON, OFF, BRIGHTEN UP and DIM DOWN as their basic core functions. These products allow you to control your lights to 10 LEVELS either by using ANY TV REMOTE or by using the PUSH BUTTON provided on each model for manual control as a TOUCH DIMMER. Advanced features include ADDRESSABLE IR programmability for up to 99 units, SOFT OFF™ and DELAY TIMER features.


All the features of this product line can be viewed as each having an advantage to the user, in that each feature will give some exchange back to the user of the product; making it valuable.



Feature Description

Advantages to the User

Use ANY TV Remote. Use your existing TV Remote or your Universal Remote (recommended) to control your Lights.

  • No extra batteries besides what you are already using with your existing IR Remote.
  • Homeowners, control your lights from the confort of your chair or sofa while watching TV or entertaining guests.
  • Commercial users, control all your lights in your establishment using a single TV Remote.

Push Button Control. Each model can be operated with the Push Button provided.

  • Allows for manual control if your IR Remote is not near.
  • Provides the familiar "Touch Dimmer" style control of your unit.

Last Light Level Memory. When you turn your TVR Receiver off, it stores that last light level in memory. When you turn it back on, it recalls that last saved level from memory.

  • Save money on your energy bill by setting the memory to a lower than full light level.
  • Convenience for setting a lighting scene once, especially in commercial applications.

Delay Timer. Your TVR Receiver can be programmed to gradually turn your lights off after one of four programmable times from 15 minutes up to 2 hours. Advanced Delay Timer features allow you to extend these times even further up to 16 hours if your use requires.

  • Ideal for children's rooms. Allows the light to be on while they go to sleep and gradually turn off after your pre-set time.
  • Save money on your energy bill. Especially on rooms where you commonly forget to turn off the lights or where it is unpredictable whether the room will be used or not.
  • Commercial establishments can feel confident that their lights will be turned off automatically whether the last person out remembers or not.

Soft Off™ Feature. If programmed, allows your TVR Receiver to gradually turn you light off after it receives a "Power Off" command from your TV Remote.

  • Allows you the convenience of a little time to see your way out of a room as the lights gradually dim to off after you have turned off the lights.

Addressable IR Programmability. Your TVR Receiver can be programmed with a unique address key which will differentiate it from other TVR Receivers you have installed in the same area.

  • Allows complete and individual lighting control in your Home Theatre environment.
  • Especially for Commercial applications; allows up to 99 units in the same area to be assigned unique address (or grouped with the unique addresses) to facilitate easy scene lighing control for large areas.


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