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Re: Valudater Front End and Control Project

PC KIOSK - User Front End and Control to guide the user through the deposit process while controlling

the hardware and providing the User with a receipt as well as storing the transaction information with

backups. (Parts are estimated for 2 Units)

I see your dilemma concerning your budget! The parts are difficult to do anything with so they pretty

well have to stand as-is.

Your budget of $25,000.00 for 2 units is very tight, if the development has to be done within that

budget. Is there any way to get your client to commit to more than 2 units to give some breathing room to

the development amortization? Anyway, based on this tight budget, what I propose is that the Parts List

and the Keyboard Development stay as they are. The other Hardware and Software Development Labour I

do for half of what is estimated. And on further Production Units we get $500.00 for the software and we

provide a security dongle with each copy.


Yours Truly,


Sean O'Leary

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