Project Manager

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This program was written to help in the generation of Development Quotations and to help manage the Development Project actions. It can be customized to fit almost any activity that needs to estimate time and costs associated with Projects and to generate and manage lists of actions and materials related to Projects. A complete Client Report is generated which details the different Phases of the Project, the Actions and Parts required as well as the time and cost details. There are a lot of screens because Project Management deals with a lot of detail.
Client Report

Main Screen - Project Common Data

The top section holds overall Project information.

Project Phases Report

Main Screen - Project Specifics

The bottom section holds the step-by-step Project specifics.

Main Screen - Basic Information
Main Screen - Status Information
Main Screen - Internal Information
Main Screen Project Phases Report Project Phases
Main Screen - Project Sections
Main Screen - Project Actions
Main Screen Project Parts Report Project Parts
Main Screen Project Cover Letter Report Project Cover Letter
Main Screen - Tech Notes Cover Letter
Contractor/Client Input Screen