Valudater Front End and Control Project (Labour)

Phase: 1Labour - General Design actions needed to start the


Section:1Design and Component Related Actions.

No:Action DescriptionStart Amount

1Research and Establish the Hardware to be used for the 03-Dec-99$320.00


2Research and Establish the Input/Output Hardware to be 03-Dec-99$640.00

used. Printer, how many I/O cards and of what type as well as

connector panels/boxes for the connections.

Section: 1 SubTotal$960.00

Section:2Layout the Program Flow, submit for approvals and

implement changes as necessary

No:Action DescriptionStart Amount

1Go through the Screens and clean up any user interface items06-Dec-99$320.00

as well as flow logic.

2Submit Flow Chart and Screen Mods to Client06-Dec-99$0.00

3Implement Client Changes to Flow and Screens06-Dec-99$320.00

Section: 2 SubTotal$640.00

Section:3Custom Hardware - Keypad, Breakout Connector Boxes, etc.

No:Action DescriptionStart Amount

1Isolated I/O Breakout Box and Connectors Design & Prototype06-Dec-99$320.00

2Digital I/O Breakout Box and Connectors Design & Prototype06-Dec-99$320.00

3General Production Schematics and PCB Layouts13-Dec-99$480.00

4Status Monitor Design & Prototype07-Dec-99$960.00

5Status Monitor Production Schematics and PCB Layouts13-Dec-99$480.00

Section: 3 SubTotal$2,560.00

Phase: 1 SubTotal$4,160.00

Phase: 2Labour - System Programming Requirements

Section:1Create and Initialize Tables with existing data and type-in

No:Action DescriptionStart Amount

1System Table - Machine ID, Location, Default Language, Last 07-Dec-99$80.00

Backup Date/Time, etc.

2Forms Tables - to track the text on each form in the languages07-Dec-99$320.00


3Transaction Table - track Machine ID, Transaction ID, Client 07-Dec-99$80.00

ID (SIN), Date and Amount. Keep this table as generic as

possible for other applications.

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