Valudater Front End and Control Project (Parts)

Phase: 1Parts - Project General Design

Section:3Custom Hardware - Keypad, Breakout Connector Boxes, etc.

No:Parts DescriptionQtyAmount

1Thermal Receipt Printer2$1,742.00

2Opto Isolated Input and Relay Output I/O Board2$640.00

3Digital I/O Board2$340.00

4Breakout Boxes and Cables8$720.00

5Keyboard Design & First Run1$2,225.00

6Electric Eyes6$390.00

Section: 3 Parts SubTotal$6,057.00

Phase: 1 Parts SubTotal$6,057.00

Project Parts SubTotal$6,057.00

Project Parts Tax$908.55

Project Parts Total$6,965.55

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